Introduction to Cananga Oil


Cananga oil is an essential oil derived from the flowers of cananga tree, which is native to Asia. It has a sweet, floral and slightly woody aroma

The height of the Cananga tree can make harvesting dangerous, as it can reach several dozen meters. One must climb a ladder, then the tree, holding a long stick, to loosen the flowers, which fall to the ground to then be gathered. The Cananga blossoms are then hydro-distilled to obtain the essential oil. In perfumery, Cananga essential oil has long been viewed as a less-expensive alternative to the very pricey ylang-ylang essence. Today, Cananga essential oil has been deemed as having its own olfactory qualities. It has a strong floral character and jasmine and woody facets. In aromatherapy, this oil is used as an antidepressant and as a sedative. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac and is believed to stimulate the circulatory system.




A brief insight into the Cananga Oil Industry in Indonesia.


Cananga is of the same family as Ylang Ylang which is found in areas such Madagascar and in mainly used when the availability of Ylang Ylang goes down or if the cost is prohibitive

Mainly used in the fragrance industry, it is grown only in the East Java region of Blitar and its surrounding areas. Produced and exported in small volumes, it has only 3-4 exporters from Indonesia. While Cananga oil itself is fairly expensive, it is considered to be a cheaper alternative to Ylang-ylang, and often even incorrectly marketed as such.

Regions of Cultivation





How do we get our Cananga Oil ?


We get all our Cananga Oil from local Indonesian farmers and accumulators who harvest and hydro-distill the flowers to produce a crude form of Cananga Oil.




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