Introduction to Ginger Oil


Ginger is a knotted, thick, beige underground stem also known as rhizome

The stem extends roughly 12 inches above ground with long, narrow, ribbed green leaves coupled with white or yellowish-green flowers. Ginger has a slightly biting and hot note. It’s aroma is rich, sweet, warm and has a distinctive woody olfactory note.



A brief insight into the Ginger Oil Industry in Indonesia.


Ginger is grown in Java and South Sumatra, and the oil obtained through hydro distillation or stem distillation

Fresh Ginger is mainly used in the local Jamu (traditional herbal medicine) Industry. It is also used for flavoring beverages such as ginger tea and ginger flavored coffee which are very popular in Indonesia. The Ginger Oil on the other hand is used in a wide spread of industries such as Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Cosmetic, Flavour & Fragrance and Food & Beverages. Unlike some of the other oils, Ginger Oil is a small volume product ( ~ 5-10 tons per annum ).


Regions of Cultivation



How do we get our Ginger Oil ?


We get all our Ginger Oil from local Indonesian farmers and accumulators who harvest and process the underground stem through steam or hydro distillation to produce a crude form of Ginger Oil.




FG-003 Ginger Oil - CO2
FG-001 Fresh Ginger Oil
GN-0201 Ginger Extract
GN-0202 Ginger Oleoresin