Cultivation of Patchouli in Indonesia


Indonesia is the largest producer of Patchouli oil, contributing to over 80% of the global supply (1,000 - 1,200 MT).

Patchouli is a perennial aromatic herb species that thrives in warm, tropical climates. This makes Indonesia a perfect place to cultivate it. Over the years, the cultivation of Patchouli has shifted across Indonesia's various islands, and Sulawesi is currently where most of the Patchouli is farmed.

Interesting Fact: Van Aroma is the world's single largest producer and exporter of Patchouli Oil (~850 MT per annum).












Why has Patchouli cultivation migrated across these regions?


Patchouli as a crop is fairly demanding on the soil, which is why it cannot be cultivated on the same patch of land for very long. There are certain components and nutrients in the soil needed for a healthy yield and oil composition which get depleted over time. This is why the plantations tend to move from one place to another. Patchouli adapts itself to a wide range of soil conditions. It requires deep, well-drained, fertile, slightly acidic, deep loamy soil, rich in humus and nutrients. The pH of the soil should range from 5.5 to 7.5 for ideal growth.

It takes a long time for the soil to replenish its nutrients to be good enough to re-cultivate Patchouli and yield an optimum quality. Hence, farmers often intercrop Patchouli with plants like Cocoa or Palm as alternatives should one crop not support them for their livelihoods.

This migration of the Patchouli crop has resulted in oils that have varying Patchoulol levels, acid values, colour and olfactive profile.





How do we at Van Aroma source our Patchouli Oil?


We source all our Patchouli Oil from partner farmers and pre-approved accumulators who harvest and process the crop through steam distillation to produce a crude form of Patchouli Oil. Our closely knit network of farmers and distillers allows for complete traceability of every drop down to source.




PL-301 Patchouli Oil Sumatra M.D. Min 32 PA
PL-302 Patchouli Oil Sumatra M.D. Min 30 PA
PL-303 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi M.D. Min 30 PA
PL-304 Patchouli Oil Sumatra M.D. Min 34 PA
PL-401 Patchouli Standard Dark
PL-501 Patchouli Terpenes
PL-601 Green Patchouli Absolute
PL-001 Patchoulol Natural 99%+
PL-502 Patchouli Oxide
- Patchouli Oil Heart 65 PA
- -
- -
- Patchouli Oil Heart 55 PA
PL-101 Patchouli Oil Sumatra Dark Premium Min 34 PA
PL-102 Patchouli Oil Sumatra Dark Min 32 PA
PL-103 Patchouli Oil Sumatra Dark Min 30 PA
PL-104 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi Dark Min 30 PA Acid < 8
PL-105 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi Dark Min 30 PA Acid < 5
PL-106 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi Dark Min 29 PA Acid < 8
PL-107 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi Dark Min 29 PA Acid < 15
PL-109 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi Dark Min 28 PA Acid < 15
PL-201 Patchouli Oil Sumatra Iron Free Min 32 PA
PL-202 Patchouli Oil Sumatra Iron Free Min 30 PA
PL-203 Patchouli Oil Sulawesi Iron Free Min 30 PA