Indonesia is one of the largest producers an consummers of tobaco in the world (primarily, in the form of cigarettes).

Tobacco extract is commonly used as a flavor booster in cigarettes. More recently, with the rise in the use of e-cigarettes as an alternative, the demand for this extract has risen significantly.

At Van Aroma we produce Tobacco extract through the process of solvent extraction using food grade alcohol. Our extracts are Non-GMO, made with food grade alcohol. Alcohol free extracts are available to suit your specific needs.

How do we get our Tobacco Extract?


Most of Indonesia's tobacco plantations are on the island of Java. Bali and West Nusa Tenggara contibute small proportions of the total produce.

Our Tobacco extract is obtained from carefully handpicked, and sorted leaves that provide an exceptional odor and flavor profile. Check out the simple five-step field to factory slideshow on the right to get a better understanding of our process.




TB-0201 Tobacco Rag Extract
TB-0202 Tobacco Oriental Extract
TB-0203 Tobacco Dust Extract
- Tobacco Temanggung Extract
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